Welcome to Squash Keyword Framework (SKF) documentation

Squash Keyword Framework (SKF) is keyword oriented test automation framework using, most of the time, existing Robots. This framework includes a DSL for writing automated tests scripts and an engine to execute the scripts. It allows the use of multiple robots in one single test.


SKF is currently not a part of Squash TF roadmap and therefore no new developments are expected.

Keyword test framework

In a keyword tests framework :

  • test scripts are a composition of keywords
  • keywords are small blocks of reusable features
  • the framework provides a library of default keyword.

In Squash Keyword Framework :

  • keywords are made of macros
  • a large set of built-in macros is provided
  • macros can be combined to create a higher level macro
  • macros could also be created by using low level instructions, if needed

Engine with plugins

At the heart of our framework, there is an engine which using plugins to pilot test robots. For each robot, a plugin (connector) has been created which provides :

  • the built-in macro
  • the low level instructions and their implementation (to pilot the robot).

The Squash Keyword Framework plugin architecture makes it an expandable solution : you can contribute by creating a new plugin for a new robot (or by extending an existing one). See community section for contribution.