Writing tests

A script is at the basis of an SKF automation test. In this section, we’re going to see the different elements of an SKF Script and how it is built.

An SKF script is a file containing an amount of instructions, resources components, engine components and shortcuts (macros) that will be interpreted by the engine of SKF to execute automation tests.

All those elements form the specific language of SKF to describe automation tests.

It allows to address an heterogeneous panel of tests with a common formalism.

First, we will explain the different phases of an SKF script and see what are the resource components.

We will also see how macros work.

In an Advanced Users section, we will explain the instructions and engine components which are behind the macros.

With those knowledge, you can write your own custom macros if you wish.

If you want to see how macros are used in an SKF script, you can check this example.

To see how instructions and engine components are used, please check this other example of SKF script.