Create a Squash TF Project with Squash TA Toolbox


You need to have the Squash TA toolbox installed on your workstation. The toolbox is packaged with Eclipse and the m2eclipse plugin.

You can download and install it, as described here.

Creating your Squash TF project

Let’s start a dedicated Eclipse instance by clicking on the “Squash-TA Eclipse” icon on your desktop.

Confirm that you want to use your newly created workspace.

It is important to use this workspace because it contains specific archetypes for your projects and run configurations for your test scripts.


When Eclipse is started, we will create a new Squash TF project as follows :

  • Select File > New > Maven Project :
  • In the “New Maven Project” dialog window that opens, click on Next :
  • Select the Squash-TF project maven archetype with Artifact id squash-ta-project-archetype :

  • If you can’t find this archetype or wish to create your own you can instead add it from scratch as follows :

    • Click on the Add Archetype button :
    • Enter the following values :

      • Archetype Group ID : org.squashtest.ta
      • Archetype Artifact ID : squash-ta-project-archetype
      • Archetype Version : You can check the last version of the Squash Keyword Framework on our website
      • Repository URL :
    • Confirm by clicking on the OK button :

  • Then, select the archetype (it has appeared in the archetype list) and uncheck the Show the last version of Archetype only option. In the Catalog list at the top of the window, choose Default local. Click on Next to go to the next page :
  • On the next screen, (wether you used a provided or custom archetype), you are describing your new test project :

    • The Group Id is the name of the broader software package your test automation project belongs to. In our example we will use org.squashtest.tutorial as group Id.
    • The Artifact Id is the specific name of your test project. Let’s use as artifact id.
    • Finally, we will use the 1.0 version number, and ignore the field package which is not relevant for Squash-TF projects.
  • Now just launch project creation by clicking on the Finish button :

  • The newly created test project appears in the explorer :


If you encounter some difficulties to create your new TF project through the Squash TF project archetype in Eclipse, please try the command-line method.